Claims + Lawsuits

You need a litigator who knows how to get results.

Robert Carter at Carter Litigation can help you with a variety of civil claims. A lawsuit is stressful, time-consuming, and oftentimes an expensive undertaking. Hiring the right lawyer can mean the difference between getting lost in the process and getting through it quickly while meeting your objectives.

Litigation is not for every lawyer. It can be risky and is a balance of hard work, experience, and instinct. When you’re facing a lawsuit that could threaten your business or your financial future, the lawyer you choose to represent you is of absolute importance.

We have experience in Builder’s Lien Claims, Construction Disputes, Contract Disputes, Business Disputes, and Private (non-union) Employment Law. For Business and Construction litigation, we try to recognize the costs of litigation and focus on the goal of achieving the most money in the fastest amount of time for the least possible expense.

In Employment Law, we enjoy fighting for individuals when they’ve been unjustly fired from their jobs, and we also enjoy giving business minded advice to employers regarding employee issues so that they can avoid the cost and headache of a Wrongful Dismissal case.

At Carter Litigation, we have helped with many unique cases throughout the years, ranging from disputes over the ownership of trained animal actors, to property damage disputes, to unjust firings. We enjoy creatively applying the law to unique factual circumstances, and we are confident that we can help you with yours!

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